We provide the ingredients.
You create the burger.

We have prepared 6 personalised kits for you, with everything necessary to create your own burger. You won’t find anything similar.

And definitely not anything as good!

A burger is one of life’s pleasures,
especially if it is made exactly the way you like.



Prepared at a low heat over a long period of time so that they are not lacking flavour or juiciness.



Choose between the different types of bread and wrap up your masterpiece as it deserves.



Vegetables, sauce, cheese and even the type of meat… you choose how to enjoy your burger.



We bring the good and the best together. That’s why we’re the only ones to offer you potato confit.

The secret to our kits is the natural ingredients: with no preservatives or colourings and IQF quick-freeze technology.

This is for you.
6 kits, surprising flavours:







American Kit


Make America enjoy again. Crunchy bread with a 180g beef burger, Gouda cheese, crunchy onion, diced tomatoes and, of course, the American tribute: barbecue sauce.

And to complete the dish, the perfect partner in crime: potato confit.

Azteca Kit


Black sesame has found its place in the Aldeana Black Bread, hugging a 120g chicken burger and the perfect combination of mango, onion and dried cherry tomato.

Served with potato confit, this burger is, without a doubt, the great legacy of the Aztecs.

Florentina Kit


Any museum in Florence would open its doors to this. The flavour is released in each sesame grain in the Aldeana Black Bread, alongside the 120g chicken burger, the spinach, raisins, mushrooms and Gouda cheese turn this into pure art.

Together with the potato confit, Michelangelo would have gone crazy for this.

Provenzal Kit


Recently arrived from the lavender fields of the Italian Provence: crunchy bread sandwiches a 180g beef burger served with Gouda cheese, tri-colour peppers, courgette, herbes de Provence, Bolognese spices, and dried cherry tomatoes.

Plus it comes with a delicious potato confit…. Mamma Mia!

Rustic Kit


The countryside is home to all things good. It could not have been any other way, our 180g beef burger comes with ciabatta bread, cherry tomato, Serrano ham and goat’s cheese.

And with a potato confit to accompany it, the experience is even more rustic.

Veggie Kit


Vegetables have never looked so good. Surrounded by Aldeana Black Bread, our 120g vegan burger accompanied with tri-colour peppers, onion and tomato are wishing for you to fall to temptation, regardless of if you are vegan or not.

Also served with a potato confit.

Sourdough burger bun

XXL Beef burger 180g


Mix: Gouda Cheese, Crunchy onion, Tomato, BBQ sauce

Country burger bun

XL Chicken burger 120g


Mix: Mango, Onion, Semi-dried cherry tomato

Black sesame rustic bun

XL Chicken burger 120g


Mix : Spinach, Raisins, Mushrooms, Gouda cheese

Sourdough burger bun

XXL Beef burger 180g


Mix: Herbes de Provence , Tricolore peppers , Courgette, Gouda cheese, Bolognese spices, Semi-dried cherry tomato

Rustic bun

XXL Beef burger 180g


Mix: Cherry tomato, Serrano ham, Goat cheese

Black sesame rustic bun

Vegan burger 120g


Mix: Tricolore peppers, Onion, Tomato

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